St. Mary Parish Festival

The St. Mary Festival began in 1998 and has grown into an event for all of Central Ohio.  Inspired by the mission of family, fellowship and fun, the festival provides an enjoyable environment for all ages. The goal of the festival is to provide a rewarding experience for all who attend or participate. This is the largest single-event fundraiser for St. Mary Parish. Proceeds have benefited both church and school by providing funds for playground equipment and emergency repairs to the church and parish facilities.

Festival Chairs:  Josh and Cecilia Monahan, Christian and Lisa Cottrell, Brian and Mo Stier

– Entertainment (rides, inflatables, bands):  Christian Cottrell, Cecilia Monahan
– Casino:  Dave Barlow
– Food:  Ben Jones, Tricia Gardner, Todd Gould, and Sam Snavely
– Beverage: Teresa Milner, Josh Monahan
– Games:  Colleen Recker
– Advertising/Marketing:  Jennifer Schmidt, Andy Kastle, Debbie Keller, Bob Bruno
– Raffle:  Christen Harper
– Silent Auction:  Kate Yonkura
– Volunteers:  Cathy Bennett, Christine Oxley
– Sponsorship:  Father Watson, Debbie Keller, Josh Monahan
– Sponsorship Appreciation: Janet Conroy, Cathy Brackenridge
– Ticket Sales (games, rides, wristbands):  Sophie Steve Haser
– Finance:  Brian Stier, Kris Jesse
– Grounds/Layout:  Josh Monahan, Christian Cottrell, Brian Stier
– First Aid: 
 Bake Sale: Mary Ford, Beve Reiner
– Church Tours & Parish Information: Diana Toth and Erin Yerian
Email with any questions you have. We will be sure to forward your email to the person who can answer your question quickly.